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Launches and Relaunches: Phenomenology Conference at Sussex University

Thursday, May 20th: ROOM: ESSEX HOUSE 18


10:00-11:00 Registration + Coffee

11:00-11:15 Plenary Session Welcome by Christos Hadjioannou, Alexandra Popescu and Joseph Ward

11:20-12:40 Session 1 – Phenomenology and Husserl

Chair: Zoe Sutherland

Speaker 1: Andreas Vrahimis (London Consortium)
Title of paper: Dummet’s View of the Origins of Phenomenology
Speaker 2: Bradley Tuck (University of Sussex)
Title of paper: The Politics of Phenomenology: Husserl’s New Beginning

12:40-13:40 LUNCH

13:40-15:00 Session 2 – Hermeneutic issues in Phenomenology

Chair: Sam Reznek

Speaker 1: David Egan (Oriel College, Oxford)
Title of paper: Recollection and authenticity in Wittgenstein and Heidegger
Speaker 2: Sophie Vlacos (University of Cardiff)
Title of paper: Phenomenology of the Word; A Hermeneutic Approach

15:00-15:20 COFFEE BREAK

15:20-16:40 Session 3 – Issues of Embodiment

Chair: Chris O’ Kane

Speaker 1: Aaron Wendland (Somerville College, Oxford)
Title of paper: Freedom as Response-ability in Being and Time
Speaker 2: Denisa Butnaru (University of Strasbourg)
Title of paper: Disrupted Intentionality and its Implications for a Phenomenology of Embodiment

16:40-17:00 COFFEE BREAK

17:00-18:30 Keynote Speaker

Lawrence Hatab (Old Dominion University)
Title of paper: Dasein: The early years

Chair: Joseph Ward

18:30-18:40 Closing Remarks

Friday, May 21st: ROOM: FRISTON 112

9:00-9:30 Registration and Coffee

9:30-10:50 Session 1 – Heidegger and Aesthetics

Chair: Zoe Sutherland

Speaker 1: Joe Ward (University of Sussex)
Title of paper: Heidegger on Art and the Beautiful

Speaker 2: Jonathan Conley (Boston College)
Title of paper: Art, Truth, and the Interrogative Mode

10:50-11:00 COFFEE BREAK

11:00-12:20 Session 2 – On the verge of the in-apparent: Ereignis and Cinematography

Chair: Alexandra Popescu

Speaker 1: Andreea Parapuf (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Title of paper: Phenomenology and Tautological Thinking in the Later Heidegger

Speaker 2: Timothy Secret (University of Essex)
Title of Paper: Phenomenology as Archi-cinematography?

12:20-13:20 LUNCH

13:20-14:40 Session 3 – Phenomenology and Literature

Chair: Jana Elsen

Speaker 1: Christina Andrews (University of St. Andrews)
Title of paper: Merleau-Ponty and the Novelistic: Literature as Philosophy

Speaker 2: Claire Guerin (St. John’s College, Oxford)
Title of Paper: Beauvoir reading Husserl: Phenomenology and Fiction- a privileged relationship?

14:40-14:50 COFFEE BREAK

14:50-16:10 Session 4 – Phenomenology and the singular

Chair: Gabriel Martin

Speaker 1: Bernard Cosgrave (University College Dublin)
Title of paper: Levinas’ Launching and Re-launching: Constantly the Same

Speaker 2: Alexandra Popescu (University of Sussex)
Title of paper: Community of Singularities: A Derridean alternative to the Levinasian ‘gap’ between ethics and politics

16:10-16:30 COFFEE BREAK

16:30-18:30 Keynote Speaker – Philosophy Society of the University of Sussex

Robert Bernasconi (Pennsylvania State University)

Title of Paper: Totality and Infinity and its reception

Chair: TBA

18:30-18:45 Best Paper Prize and Closing Remarks

18:45- 20:00 Drinks at IDS Bar (Sussex Campus)

20:30 Dinner in Brighton and party! (Place to be announced)

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Upcoming Talks

9-10 June, 2011


Goldsmiths, University of London

May 10th, 2011

“Adorno on Happiness”,

Critical Theory and Social Justice,

Loyola, Rome,

Feb 2, 2011

“Autonomy and The Work of Art in Adorno”

Aesthetic Autonomy

Centre for Research into Imagination, Creativity and Knowledge,

University of York.

Jan 27th 2011

“What’s so good   about Immanent Critique?”

Philosophy Dept, University of Essex.

Friday, April 30th 2010

‘Justification and Practice in Current Liberalism: Critical Perspectives’

London School of Economics,

Thursday March 11th, 2010

The Habermas-Rawls Debate Reconsidered

Forum for European Philosophy, Room T206,

Lakatos Building, Department of Philosophy, LSE
12.30-2.00 p.m.

Saturday, Feb 6th, 2010

Symposium on Lukács’s “Reification Essay”

Marx and Philosophy Society

London Knowledge Lab, 23-29 Emerald Street, WC1N 3QS, (off Lamb’s Conduit Street)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

University of Warwick, ‘Modernism and Aesthetic Transcendence’ : A Workshop on Lydia Goehr’s Work and its Sources

‘Negativity and the Ban on Images in Adorno’s Philosophy of Art’


August 2009

What’s so Good about Immanent Critique?

SEP-FEP Conference Cardiff, Friday August 28th

May 2009

“On the Very Idea of Immanent Social Criticism”

I’m giving the talk at the conference: IMAGES OF A DEMYSTIFIED WORLD: CRITICAL THEORY at the John Cabot University – Rome, May 13-15, 2009, organised by Stefano Giachetti. It should be good. I’ve heard that Stefano’s conferences always are.

May 6th 2009

‘Not Much ado About Habermas and Rawls’ University of the West of England, Bristol. Sorry The March 11th date had to be rearranged.

January 23, 2009

“On Not Being Silent in the Darkness: Adorno’s Singular Apophaticism” University of Sussex, Philosophy Society, Arts C233, 4.30p.m.

Sorry this had to be cancelled. I’m hoping Tanja will allow me to give it next year?

Nov 2008

‘Giorgio Agamben on ‘bare life’ or How Not to Read Aristotle’s
Politics.’ Royal Institute of Philosophy Invited Lecture Series, University of Keele.

Oct 2008

‘Must Criticism be Constructive?’
Symposium at the University of Cambridge with Rüdiger Bittner (Bielefeld), Manuel Dries (Oxford), Martin Eichler (Cambridge), Fabian Freyenhagen (Essex), Axel Honneth (Frankfurt), Michael Hampe (ETH-Zürich), Rahel Jaeggi (Frankfurt) Wayne Martin (Essex) Richard Moran (Harvard) Jörg Schaub (Mannheim) Christian Skirke (Amsterdam) Max Urchs (European Business School of Oestrich-Winkel)

Sept 2008

‘On Not Being Silent in the Darkness: Adorno’s Singular
Apophaticism’ North American Critical Theory Roundtable’ Fordham University, New York.

Aug 2008

‘Not Much Ado about Habermas and Rawls.
‘SEP-FEP Joint Annual Conference. University College Dublin.

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