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Forthcoming Edited Collection on Habermas and Rawls

Finally Fabian and I have signed a contract for Habermas and Rawls: Disputing the Political. It has been a long road. Publishers don’t want to know about collections of essays. As Raymond Geuss told me they will try to get away with publishing as few as they can decently get away with publishing. Any hint of a lukewarm remark in a reader’s report is likely to put them off. Remember that if and when you write a reader’s report for a proposal. There is always something that can be criticised in a proposal, but doing so may well scupper it.

Some publishers now want a non refundabe subvention of $9000 lest they lose money. Others are only interested if all the same old big names are in the book. The same familiar roster of stars that everyone knows about. Above all, no new voices. Finally, many publishers – I’ve heard this more than once – say that the book won’t sell in the US unless a majority of US academics be among the contributors. Strange eh. A Friend of mine Henry Pickford, had a proposed volume with Cornell sunk because it did not contain a piece by a particular author – a rising star in the field, apparently. For similar reasons, I guess, British Films always have to have American stars in them. I never thought academic publishing would be so like the film industry.

Still, it’ll be a good volume. Here is a quick preview.

Disputing the Political: Habermas and Rawls


(1)     a substantial introduction;
(2)     reproduction of the contributions by Rawls and Habermas to the original dispute;
(3)     chapters evaluating the original dispute, or on  substantive issues     relevant to the debate
(4)     an afterword by Habermas;
(5)     a select topic by topic bibliography and index.

4.    Overview of the Volume and List of Contributors

Habermas and Rawls: Disputing the Political

I: Editors’ Introduction:

The pre-history of the dispute. The actual dispute. Post-dispute developments. Contents of the volume.

II: The Original Dispute

Ch. 1    ‘Reconciliation through the Public Reason: Remarks on John Rawls’s Political Liberalism.’ Jürgen Habermas.

Ch. 2    ‘Reply to Habermas.’ John Rawls†.

Ch. 3    ‘Reasonable versus True: or the Morality of World Views.’ Jürgen

III: Disputing the Political

Ch. 4    ‘Habermas and Rawls on Collective Reasoning.’ Chris McMahon, (University of California, Santa Barbara).

Ch. 5    ‘Justice: Transcendental not Metaphysical. What Habermas should have said to Rawls.’ Joseph Heath, (University of Toronto, Canada).

Ch. 6    ‘The Justification of Justice.’ Rainer Forst, (University of Frankfurt).

Ch. 7.     ‘The Idea of Social Criticism in Habermas and Rawls.’ Andrea Sangiovanni (King’s College London).

Ch. 8.    ‘Habermas and Rawls on Human Rights.’ Jeff Flynn (Fordham).

Ch. 9    ‘Procedural versus substantive conceptions of justice.’ Cristina Lafont (Northwestern University)

Ch. 10    ‘Democracy and Public Reasons.’ Anthony Simon Laden (University of Illinois at Chicago).

Ch. 11.    ‘Habermas and Rawls on Religion.’ Catherine Audard (London School of Economics).
Ch. 12    ‘Habermas and Rawls on International Justice.’ Jim Bohman (St. Louis).

IV: Afterword. Jürgen Habermas

V: Select Bibliography and Index.

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